career paths of Africans in the diaspora are largely influenced by their background. – Lord Sani ibrahim

Business mogul Lord Ibrahim Sani says the career paths of Africans in the diaspora are largely influenced by their background.

Lord Ibrahim Sani made this statement when he appeared as a guest on Metro TV’s Exclusive show hosted by Bright Amaning.

“Career paths are normally embedded with us as Africans, any child that travels abroad always has this prerequisite mindset that you have to go to school become a pilot, doctor and so on so forth, always we always having this at the back of minds, made us want to come in-between these careers and most especially that fact that we thought that we could read and speak well so we had the chance to come into the African in diaspora job attainment,” Mr. Sani said.

Furthermore, Lord Ibrahim Sani stated that anyone has their own preferences and requirements for the job market.

He cited his abysmal performance in mathematics and stated that he couldn’t obviously pursue anything accounting-related, but rather he had his strengths in reading which informed his sole decision to study law in the long run instead of his initial plans of joining the UK Army.

He answered in the negative when Bright asked about settling for reading courses and its effect on his initial dreams.

“I never had a dream growing up, I just wanted to come up as a lawyer, legal practitioner, and halfway through university, things changed. That was when I wanted to go into real estate and then I got myself involved with my mentor Glen Armstrong who is a British national.  He taught me a few stuff on buying real estate or properties at really much nothing.”

Lord further pointed out that these things happen to people when one gets into that dark circle of life when eventually something comes up you just have to try everything and even as a little child, he was engaging in menial labor thus carrying sand for builders while attending the Muslim school for children and taking money but ever since his shift into real estate is being growth.

Lord Ibrahim Sani describes how systematically and slowly he has developed a real estate investment, thus buying cheap and selling high. This statement in real estate means not spending too much in buying a property and literally selling when the trade market appreciates in this commodity or just selling at a value-added price.

Lord Ibrahim Sani is a Ghanaian who had his early days in Nima, a suburb of Greater Accra, and traveled to the UK, and then had his breakthrough in the real estate market even after his initial plan of being in the UK Army.

By: Edem Etsa Dorvlo | | Ghana

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