Cyber Fix Limited

About Us

Cyber Fix Limited is a management and technology firm that works with leading businesses to address critical finance, technology, and business objectives.

Organizations of all sizes turn to Cyber Fix because we bring experience professionals who are highly energetic and motivated to work with our clients in

challenging, high-stakes environments.

Our services and products provide a comprehensive and robust approach to solving your most critical cybersecurity needs. Our work is to safeguard resources by identifying risks and developing cybersecurity solutions. Our solutions support and meet any organization’s business goals.

We do this using a hands-on approach, providing the right blend of experience and expertise to successfully deliver, execute, and manage your end-to-end cybersecurity needs.

Our cybersecurity applications provide cyber security audits for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, item discovery, and weaknesses in computer and online systems and continue to monitor for issues even after being resolved.


Our services include:

• Cybersecurity Analysis • Cybersecurity Support • Network Security • Cloud Computing • App and Software Development • VoIP