Lusij Acquisitions

About Us

Lusij Acquisitions is a trusted advisor for the success of a sale, merger, or acquisition transaction. Lusij has a strong performing footprint in Europe, America, and Asia when it comes to mergers and acquisition transactions. We aim to facilitate successful transactions that create value for stakeholders, enhance competitive advantage, and drive growth and profitability for the companies involved.

With years of experience in business, Lusij provides mergers and acquisitions of companies a viable option to meet growth and earnings objectives for today’s successful corporate environment. Lusij has been advising company buyers and sellers for years and is ranked among the top M&A advisors in Europe.

We provide both buy-side and sell-side assistance by providing clients with critical analysis, strategic advice, and input on negotiating strategies. Our advisory services include valuation, structure guidance, due diligence assistance, contract negotiations, and ongoing advice through the closing of a transaction.

In addition, our familiarity with capital markets and instruments provides realistic strategies for attracting public and private capital resources to support growth opportunities and meet ongoing regulatory expectations.


  • Planning and management advisory services;
    • Buy-side assistance
    • Sell-side assistance
    • Critical analysis of transactions
    • Strategic advice
    • Negotiating strategies input
  • Whole-bank acquisitions and strategic mergers
  • Whole-company acquisitions and strategic mergers
  • Branch acquisitions and divestitures
  • Non-bank M&A advisory including mortgage and Trust Companies, and Non-finance Companies.